Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our friendship..

Our friendship

Thank you for our friendship,
For it means so much to me,
Your kindness and understanding,
And loving ways you share so freely.

Thank you for being beside me,
When I need ed someone who cared,
And thank you for all your loyalty,
For the times together we’ve shared.

Thank you for our friendship,
For it’s something even money can’t buy,
Thank you for holding me tightly,
When there was a need I had to cry.

Thank you for always smiling,
When I couldn’t smile at all,
And thank you for boosting my ego,
For the times I felt so small.

Your friendship I cherish so deeply,
So this message to you I send,
May God bless and always watch over you,
And may you always remain my friend ...

from your best friend…mybe..???


My ShoutOut

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